About flux.

Flux. is a community of driven, humble and positive people.

Whether your goal is to participate in the Open, compete at your local competition or simply live a healthier, happier life, Flux. is for you.


You are committed to reaching new heights


You are willing to work hard every day without complaining


You have a growth mindset and want to bring others up

Meet YOUR coach




Having competed at an elite level in multiple sports from the age of 8, Max brings an ambitious, competitive mindset to his role as a coach. Having initially gone to university to study Mathematics he quickly realised that was not where he belonged and instead decided to pursue a career in fitness. Now with almost a decade of strength and conditioning experience Max has quickly established himself as a top CrossFit coach and athlete. Having had huge success with his individual clients as well as himself, Max decided to create Flux. to provide a platform from which he can share his knowledge with the wider CrossFit community.


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