What Our Athletes Say

I have worked with Flux. for a year now. I wanted to get into CrossFit after a rugby injury meant I could no longer play. I was used to training in a high performance team environment and Flux. enabled me to take my training to the next level as I moved into a new sport. Max’s knowledge and experience enables him to curate programmes that will challenge you in different ways each session and keep you motivated towards continuous development. The best thing about using Flux., in my opinion, is feeling confident about how everything you do in the gym is programmed to enable you to hit your personal goals. Max is incredibly flexible, responsive and interested in how things are going. I would recommend Flux. to anyone who wants to get into CrossFit or for any athlete who wants to increase their performance.

James Falconer

Over the past 7 months Flux. has helped with so many aspects of my training. The work each week is varied, with a good level of difficulty which makes training challenging yet enjoyable. On top of that, if I need help or advise Max is always quick to respond.

Charlotte Underwood

I approached Flux. in November with some fairly broad goals, mainly being to improve technique in Olympic Lifting and Gymnastic movements and to generally get stronger. The programme was enjoyable, diverse and challenging and was great in accommodating my goals. What I’ve appreciated the most is the amount of support provided; it’s never been a burden to ask for advice or opinion. Having someone take genuine interest in your progress at any given time has pushed me closer to achieving my goals. I’m confident I wouldn’t have achieved what I have so far without help from Flux.

Gregg Lewis

I have been coached by Max for over a year now and could never see myself being coached by anyone else. I have been pushed past what I perceived possible for myself all thanks to him. No workout is the same, the programme is creative and will always keep you on your toes. You can tell the level of precision and care that goes into all programming and it is always pushing me to be the best version of myself!

Ryan Cooper


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